The Didgeridoo - A Typical Musical Instrument from Australia

The didgeridoo is believed to have originated in northern Australia, in what is known as Arnhem Land. Here the wind instrument is used for communal music making as well as for ceremonial purposes. Mostly, however, it is only used to accompany chants and is therefore hardly ever used as a solo instrument. At the beginning of the 20th century, it finally came into contact with Western culture for the first time. This led to the fact that by 1950 it was already known throughout Australia. Nowadays the didgeridoo enjoys great popularity all over the world and is often used by multicultural bands as an "exotic instrument" shaping the rhythm and bass. Therefore it has found a permanent place in the instrument line-up of many modern bands of the pop, rock and techno genres.

How to play

The didgeridoo is blown carefully with vibrating lips to extract an aesthetic tone. Several parameters are important for the perfection of the playing technique, such as lip control, the constriction of the mouth, the use of the voice, the movement of the larynx as well as the change of the blowing pressure. The particular breathing technique is characterized by the fact that the fundamental tone can be permanently maintained through continuous circular breathing. This works when we are able to bring an uninterrupted flow of air into the didgeridoo with the mouth and inhale through the nose at the same time. To master this technique, however, specific practice is necessary.

A special playing / breathing technique, which is also used for therapeutic purposes.

Didgeridoo playing is also recommended for therapeutic purposes. Especially in cases of respiratory diseases (e.g. respiratory apnea, chronic bronchitis, mucoviscidosis, etc.), it is possible to achieve considerable improvements in the state of health through targeted training.
Learning the correct way of playing the didgeridoo can be learned in specialized workshops with us. We have been teaching the didgeridoo for more than 25 years.

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