Buy Gong: Great sound by hand

The gong is one of the oldest instruments of mankind. It is believed that as early as the Hellenistic period, instruments similar to today's gong were used for certain rituals. The sound of the gong is so unique, full and comprehensive that it is still used today in a wide variety of contexts.
If you want to buy a gong, Dunum is the right place for you! Here you will find gongs from all over the world, carefully crafted by hand. In addition, we offer all the gong accessories you need - from gong stands with matching rollers, to mallets and gong rubbers.

Gongs from all over the world: Discoverdiversity at Dunum

Gongs are played all over the world. Their manufacture, appearance and sound characteristics are as versatile as their areas of application. In our online store we offer a wide variety of different gongs. All are handmade with the utmost care, so you can expect a penetrating sound experience.

Chau - Tam Tam Gong

The Chau - Tam Tam Gong impresses with a decorative appearance and an imposing sound. The traditional forging technique of these gongs is also noticeable in the sound. The powerful, deep tone with a wide range of overtones sends the listener on a sensual journey through time.
With a Chau - Tam Tam gong you buy one of the most famous gongs, which is used in symphony orchestras as well as on the stage of famous rock bands.
At Dunum you can get Chau Tam Tam gongs with a diameter of 20 - 130 cm and including mallets. Matching gong stands made of wood or metal are available separately.

Feng - Wind Gong

The wind, sun or feng gong convinces with a shiny gold, noble look. The gongs in our online store are handmade in Wuhan, China, from a special metal alloy with a high brass content and impress not only with their special shine but also with a warm, full sound. This gong owes the name "wind gong" to the special feature that it makes the air around buzz when played powerfully.
If you buy a feng gong from Dunum, you will receive the matching mallet; you will find corresponding gong stands in our accessories. We offer the wind or feng gong in with a diameter of 30 - 100 cm.

Gongs from Burma, Vietnam and Nepal

Discover in our online store also hand-hammered, traditional hump gongs from Burma / Myanmar or Vietnam. The Burmese gongs are characterized by an attractive decoration and a deep, full tone. We carry the Vietnamese gongs in various tunings and sizes. Of course, you can also purchase matching gong stands.
The Tibetan gongs from Nepal are also beautifully engraved with Tibetan mantras and sacred symbols.
As a special feature, you will also find the Burmese hand gong in our assortment. This is traditionally used as a temple gong in Burma/Myanmar. The sound is penetrating and long lasting and is triggered by the included wooden hammer, with which the gong is struck on the side tip.

WOM Gong

When you buy a WOM gong, you buy a special unique piece from Italy. These gongs know how to convince not only by their versatile tones, but also by their unique appearance. Choose your favorite piece and enjoy not only the acoustic experience but also the visual appeal of the instrument.

Planets and Chakra Gong

MEINL Sonic Energy's chakra gongs are high-quality, handcrafted pieces that are crafted to assist in activating the respective chakras. For this purpose, each gong has been tuned to a specific frequency appropriate to the chakra according to the calculations of Hans Cousto's "cosmic octave". The surfaces are hammered in elaborate processes and contain the respective chakra symbol applied in sandblasting technique in their center. Due to this extraordinary design, the unique pieces are not only tonal, but also visually masterful.
In our online store you can buy the matching gongs for the following chakras:
  • Crown Chakra
  • Root Chakra
  • Forehead Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Navel Chakra

Gong stands and accessories: We supply everything you need

Some of our gongs we already deliver with the matching mallet. But of course you can also find other accessories around the gong in our specialized online store. Buy mallets or gong reamers in different sizes and in different manufacturing and texture. In this way, explore the sound variety of your gong and discover unexpected vibrations. Of course, we also carry gong stands in various sizes and designs (made of wood or metal) including matching casters. We are happy to advise you on the phone or in our store in the old town of Zofingen also on the different models.

Dunum: For the love of music and the world

If you want to buy musical instruments (in Switzerland or elsewhere), we want to be your store of choice. Dunum was born out of the love for music, for sound, for vibration. On countless journeys we got to know many different instruments and sounds, which inspired us and which we would like to share with you now. We want to produce and offer musical instruments of quality and thus win your heart for world music. That's why we brought the diverse sounds from our travels and now pass them on to you. In our store you will find not only gongs, but also sound chimes, wind chimes, didgeridoos, singing bowls and much more. Have fun browsing!