We offer handpans from a wide range of manufacturers: Rav Vast, Gubarev Drum, Zenko, Kosmo, Mandala, Octave Steel Tounge Drum and Quint Art. Also find the right accessories for care, transportation and handling.

How do the handpans differ?

- Tone Color: Depending on the manufacturing process and tuning procedure, some manufacturers differ significantly in tone color from others. The origin of the handpan comes from the steel drums, these sound very metallic. Therefore, it has become accepted in the hang scene that a good handpan should not sound metallic, but warm and mellow. And of course it is an art to create a non-metallic sound from metal! However, sound is subjective and if you like the metallic sound, there is nothing to be said against it.
- Dynamics: The tone fields should already sound good and clean when they are played lightly or softly. When played harder, the pads should not "overdrive" or start to "scream". A good handpan allows a wide range of dynamics to play either very softly or a bit louder.
- Balance between notes: All notes should be "balanced", i.e. attack dynamics, timbre, sustain and volume of sound are equally harmonious for all notes.
- Number of notes: The more notes a handpan has, the more expensive it is. A handpan with many notes is more difficult to balance because crosstalks and other annoying interference must be avoided.
- Scales: There are countless scales in handpans, which is what makes them so difficult or complex to buy. Each Handpan is limited to a certain number of notes that are "selected" by the manufacturer from all possible notes - accordingly, there are exponentially many possibilities for creating new scales.

Transport and handling

When buying a handpan you should also find a suitable "means of transport" for your handpan, padded bags are suitable for this purpose. For a comfortable handling of your handpan you can also find in our store the matching mallets and the matching stand ring or stand.

The right care

Almost all handpans and steel tongue drums need regular maintenance to protect them from rust. Most manufacturers recommend Phoenix Handpan oil.

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You want to buy a handpan and are still unsure?

Compare and play different handpans in a relaxed atmosphere at our store in Zofingen and take the right instrument home immediately - without any waiting time. Last but not least, buying a handpan is an emotional matter. Preferences often arise only after the first hearing and comparison.

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