Indian flute

Indian flutes: high quality Indian flutes for beginners and professionals

Native American flutes are something very special. As a spiritual instrument, Native American flutes are used by shamans to accompany their ceremonies. But also "in this world" Native American flutes know how to inspire and beguile us with their unique sound. Whether as a solo instrument or as part of a group - with the Indian flutes from our assortment you will enchant your listeners with dreamlike melodies.

Buy Indian flute: Make your heart sing!

The shamanic flutes from Dunum are suitable for beginners as well as experienced flute players. For beginners, we recommend the versions with five tone holes: Thanks to their five-tone (pentatonic) tuning, all the notes that can be produced with the Native American flute match each other tonally. So you can't do anything wrong! For this reason, our wooden Native American flutes are ideal for beginners. Easily improvise with the instrument and translate the language of your heart into music.

Virtuoso flutists, we recommend buying an Indian flute that has an additional sixth hole. Wooden Native American flutes of this type allow you to play a full chromatic scale, offering additional musical possibilities. If necessary, the sixth hole can be covered with an included leather strap, so that chromatic wooden flutes can be converted to pentatonic ones in no time. All versions have a warm sound and are suitable for all hand sizes. All our Indian flutes are handmade in North America.

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Buy Indian flute: The sound of the Indians

Native American Flutes - also called prayer flutes or love flutes - have a long tradition. Indian flutes were first mentioned in the 19th century and have a great importance in the shamanic culture of the Indians. This is symbolized by a totem worked into the Indian flute, which adorns models such as Kestrel, Merlin or Golden Eagle.

Dunum sells three different types of Indian flutes:

  • Native American flute: a recorder-like instrument that has five or six tone holes.
  • Double flute: The melody is played on one side while a drone sounds on the other side in the basic tone of the flute.
  • Pocket flute: a compact flute that can be easily transported and is ideal for making music while traveling.

The following features distinguish our Native American flutes:

  • made of carefully selected precious woods (e.g. cedar, walnut)
  • high quality workmanship
  • very easy to learn
  • suitable for meditative purposes
  • available in different pitches (among others G / F / E / C / B)
  • available in the frequencies 440 Hz and 432 Hz

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