An instrument unique in the world

The kora is a West African harp of the bridge harp, or harp lute, type. It is the most highly developed stringed instrument in Africa, and both its construction and music are unique in the world.
The kora is common among all Manding peoples. It is played by the Mandinka in Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Bissau, the Malinke or Maninka in Guinée, the Bambara or Bamana in Mali and the Dioula in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). However, it has the greatest importance for social life in Gambia and Casamance (southern Senegal).
The kora has a centuries-old tradition and was played in earlier times at the courts of rulers, where the musicians belonged to the court.

How to play

As a harp, the kora is an independent development that only exists in West Africa. It therefore differs significantly from the usual harps not only in its construction, but also in its playing technique and the music played on it.
The kora is played with both hands using only the thumbs and index fingers. However, the strings are arranged in two parallel rows, so that each hand plays its own row of strings, the low ones with the thumb and the high ones with the index finger. This arrangement characterizes the polyphony of Kora music and facilitates the playing of single intervals as well as melody lines in parallel octaves, fifths, thirds.

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