Jew's harp

Jew's harp

Jew's harps can do much more than the classic "doing" of noisemakers in radio plays or animated films. The tonal variety also gets the small instrument appearances on big stages again and again, and trends such as Jew's harp techno help the "Jew's harp" to great popularity again and again.

Buy Jew's harp: How it works and types

The jew's harp consists of a frame with a metal tongue attached to the side. When this tongue is made to vibrate, a sound is produced. In our online store we offer:

  • Frame jew's harps, such as Dan Moi
  • Bowed Jew's harps, such as the Murchunga

The basic principle of playing is the same for both types of jew's harp: the frame of the drum is held to the lips of the player in such a way that the resonance chamber of his oral cavity amplifies the vibration of the metal tongue. This is how the loud, characteristic sound is produced.
Different playing techniques are used to create different tones and dynamics. The player works on the one hand by changing the size of the resonance chamber in the mouth, and on the other hand with different breathing techniques. In this way the Jew's Harp creates a real sound experience!

Discover Jew's Harps at Dunum

In our online store you will find Jew's harps (English: Jew's harp / Jaw Harp) in different sizes and designs, so that a wide variety of sounds is guaranteed. We offer for example:

  • Dan Moi: We offer the traditional Vietnamese Jew's Harp Dan Moi in various sizes and in single, double. or triple-tongued versions. These jew's harps are ideal for beginners, but are also appreciated by experienced musicians because of their brilliant sound. All Dan Moi come in a decorative bamboo case.
  • Fun Harp: The Fun Harp is the ideal bowed jew's harp for beginners. It comes with playing instructions so you can play right away.
  • Murchunga: The hand-hammered jew's harp Murchunga comes from Nepal and convinces with a beautiful sound rich in overtones.

In addition to these, we also offer other decorated and tonally special jew's harps. Browse through our offer and find your new instrument!

Dunum: Instruments that tell about the world

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Look for the Jew's Harp that suits you best. In our Music store in Zofingen and/or in our online store, you have the possibility to try out jew's harps or to buy them directly.