An instrument known all over the world

  • Xylophones have a long history. However, they were not used in modern orchestras until 1874. They are most popular in music in Asia and Africa. The musical instrument consists of bars mostly made of wood but also of metal or crystal and stone, which are struck with mallets. This creates the sound. The different tones are created by the different lengths of the bars and the force with which they are struck.

  • This instrument is also very popular with children. Often it is even one of the first musical instruments in the children's room. When children come into contact with an instrument, they want to play it immediately. However, many instruments are still too complex for children and too big for their little hands. The xylophone is very suitable as an instrument here, because it is easy to follow and to see. Children can experiment with the xylophone, improvise or even play according to notes.

Dunum: For the love of music and the world

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