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Lyres were one of the first stringed musical instruments and have been used by musicians and healers continually for centuries. It was the most well know musical instument in Ancient Greece and continues to have a broad appeal. The Musicmakers Lyre is a modern take on this ancient musical instrument.

This 22-string Lyre is four pounds of beautiful music, big enough to play both melodies and chords, and small enough to carry around and hold in your lap. Our goals with this instrument was to keep it easy enough for beginners to play, but not limited to a small range or incomplete scale.

What's Included:

  • Finished Lynda Lyre
  • Display Stand
  • Padded Gig Bag
  • Tuning Wrench
  • Guitar Strap

Strings: 22 nylon

Tuning: C Diatonic Tuning

Range: C3-C6

Size: 71 cm long, 35.5 wide

Soundboard: Solid spruce

Frame: Solid cherry

Weight: 1.85 kg