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The white frosted crystal singing bowl made of high purity quartz creates a very harmonious aura with its sound and design. Its long-lasting spherical tone spreads out when the singing bowl is gently struck or rubbed, so that the energy can be felt throughout the environment.

All crystal singing bowls come with a silicone ring to prevent damage and ensure the best sound resonance.

Crystal singing bowls have many uses: to treat chakras, for meditation, for sound therapy, for yoga, to improve fengshui at home, to regulate emotional state or even for room decoration.

This singing bowl has a size of 9" / 22cm and vibrates in tone A with 432 Hz. The corresponding brow chakra is said to promote high consciousness, spirituality, an alert mind, idealism and imagination.

Features of the forehead chakra crystal singing bowl - tuning: A4

  • Made of high purity quartz
  • White matte finish
  • Extremely long lasting sound
  • 432 Hz

Mallets must be ordered separately.