About us

Our philosophy:

To make quality musical instruments
To leave a positive impact on the human and ecological environment through our work
Promoting and preserving ethnic instruments and music of the world

    "DUNUM"s are the bass drums of West Africa.
    DUNUM was founded by Franck and Brigitte through their love of music and traveling. In 1996 they started to play the didgeridoo intensively and to build their first instruments.
    They have continued to deepen their musical knowledge in West Africa, Cuba, North India, Nepal, Vietnam, Australia and Peru.
    Every winter they traveled far away to discover new musical instruments.
    Year Franck Brigitte
    2000-2022 Deepening and learning to play the kora with Moussa Cissokho and Josh Doughty
    2020 Course on the construction of shaman drums
    2014-2018 Playing bass in various African music bands (Sengal/ Kenya)
    2014 Always traveling in search of new instruments
    2011 Trip to Mali to deepen his knowledge of West African music
    2008 Courses in North Indian classical music for two years
    2004 Course and diploma in Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy in Nepal
    2003 Study of indigenous culture and music in Australia
    2003-2002 Various courses in West African percussion in Geneva and Zurich
    1999 Two months training in Burkina Faso in djembé and dundum playing with Hamadou Konaté
    1998 Three months intensive training in percussion and dance in Santiago de Cuba in Cuba
    1997 Courses in West African music and dance in Geneva with the groups "Les Frères Coulibaly" and "Farafina"
    1996 Street music in Switzerland and France with didgeridoo and percussion
    1995 First contact with the didgeridoo in Australia
    1993 Workshop in Guinea with Mamady Keïta and in Burkina Faso with the group "Kassama"
    1991 First contact with the didgeridoo in Senegal
    1990 First trip to Senegal and the discovery and fascination of West African music
    1998 Courses in percussion in Nice, France for three years

    year Franck Brigitte
    2014-1992 Organizing and teaching didgeridoo and drumming courses in France and Switzerland for adults, children and disabled people
    2006-2003 Courses at the "Volkshochschule Wynental" for didgeridoo and djembé
    Since 1997 Presentation of ethnic musical instruments in elementary school