About us

Our Philosophy:

To produce musical instruments of quality

Have a positive and sane impact with our work on human and environmental surrounding

To promote and preserve ethnical instruments and music of the world

    "DUNUM" received it's name from the bass drums played in West Africa.The founders of DUNUM, Franck and Brigitte, created this project around their passion for travelling and their love for music. In 1996 they started to play didgeridoo and drum together for different public and started to build musical instruments and teach.They improved their musical skills by attaining various courses in West Africa, Cuba and North India.Every winter they travel around the world searching for new musical instruments, which they sell in Switzerland. Regular Workshops are organised to let the people discover the instruments.

    Jahr Franck Brigitte
    2014-1992 Organisieren und Unterrichten von Didgeridoo- und Trommelkursen in Frankreich und der Schweiz für Erwachsene, Kinder und Behinderte
    2006-2003 Kurse an der "Volkshochschule Wynental" für Didgeridoo und Djembé
    Since 1997 Presentation von ethnischen Musikinstrumenten in Primarschulen