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Product information "Allton Spür-Monochord, arched, lacquered suitable for disinfectants,".

Arched monochord as a tactile, sensory perception instrument - handy, ergonomic, transportable. Ideally suited for relaxation in care facilities and kindergartens!

Available in different tunings: in pure monochord tuning (all on one note), in the popular tambura tuning or triad tuning!

  • 18 strings
  • curved body made of laminated beech wood
  • lacquered with disinfectant
  • Tuning: pitch and tuning see selection
  • weight: approx. 2400 g
  • dimensions: 60 x 27 x 8,5 cm
  • incl. tuning key, instruction manual, transport box
  • especially suitable for ergonomic resting on the body
  • extremely stable and easy to clean
  • manufactured by ALLTON in Germany

Curved treatment monochord as a tactile, sensory perception instrument from our own production. New model with incorporated brass bridge, making the instrument sound even more brilliant. Disinfectant compatible lacquered

This vibroacoustic string instrument is designed for sensory body perception and sound massage. Without a resonating body, the vibration of the strings is transmitted directly to the underside and the tones can be felt very finely and deeply when placed on the body. The slight curvature allows a particularly large amount of vibration to occur and be felt by the body. The use of wound strings creates a deep, very palpable sound vibration despite the small size. The instrument is slightly heavier than our other small monochords, which makes it rest particularly well on the body.

The compact shape also allows it to be used by bedridden people or in mobile nursing. Handling is facilitated by the ergonomic recessed grip.

Monochord tuning (ZMC1L): - fine sounds for meditation and accompaniment with voice 10 overtone strings and 8 bass strings on d ( lower tunable to c# or c
TAMBURA TUNING sound example
Tambura tuning (ZMC2L) : Sound carpet of fundamental, fifth, octave - harmonic and invigorating sound carpet, especially recommended for bedridden people. Standard tuning tambourone sequence a-d'-d'-d (or tuned a little lower to g#-c#'-c#'-c# or g-c'-c'-c)

triad tuning (ZMC3L): versatile, tone blocks can be played individually or sequence of notes from low to high or from high to low (invigorating or relaxing). Also very nice for playing in pairs. Standard tuning 7 bass strings d, 7 strings a, 7 overtone strings d' (tones can also be tuned down by semitone or whole tone).

The compact shape makes it easy to use with bedridden patients or in mobile nursing. Handling is optimized by the ergonomic recessed grip and the high string spacing ( hands can be placed on top to make the sound vibrations perceptible through the hands and fingers)....