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Daf Pro Rumi - Persian Frame Drum

The Daf is not only played in Sufi music, but also at many festivals and ritual celebrations, where it is often found in large ensembles. Its percussive sound ranges from tender and subtile to nuanced and voluminous. The frame drum achieves this by the countless small metal rings, which are fastened to the inside of the frame and hit during the play partly powerfully against the skin. Their spiritual background can also be recognized by the fact that all elements, of this large and light drum, are attributed with a deeper meaning. The fur symbolizes the animal kingdom, the frame the plants and the rings the world of minerals.

This professional Daf has a special synthetic fur, which is provided with smallest elevations, which increase the play and sound quality substantially, by imitating the variable surface structure of a natural fur on the most excellent one. Best workmanship makes this Daf a joy for professional demands.
Incl. softcase

Material: Synthetics, Wood

Diameter approx.54 cm (21.26")