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The Story of the Fulani Flute: Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in the enchanted mountains of the Fouta Djallon in West Africa. He had no parents anymore, nobody took care of him. He began to pass the time with a piece of reed. He played and tried for weeks and weeks to elicit sounds from the reeds. He found more and more different sounds. The tones formed into melodies, and so a euphonious instrument was soon invented, the Fulani flute. The boy climbed a tree and started playing. He put his heart into his game. When he looked down at some point, he noticed that all the mountain animals had gathered at the base of the tree and were crying because his music was so beautiful. Since then the shepherds in the land of the Fulani have been playing the most beautiful flute melodies. (The Little Flute Player, by Lydia Kath)

This flute is made of reed and has been strengthened with food varnish and reinforced with a gourd ring at the end. The mouthpiece is made of beeswax.

The flute is tuned in "G": G, A, B, C, D, E, F# , with all holes closed it makes a "B"

Comes with a flute case

Scale: diatonic G major

Type of wood: reed

Length of the flute: 68 cm

Maximum diameter: 2.5 cm