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Product information "ALLTON Concert Monochord / Octave Monochord, double strung, 138 cm".

The Octave Monochord

  • Dimensions: 138 x 30 x 10 cm
  • Solid ash frame
  • Birch plywood top
  • oiled
  • Monochord with curved feet
  • Feet allow variable height adjustment
  • tuning key
  • strung on both sides
  • Strings tunable from B-d / h-d'

One side C# (27 wound bass strings)
One side C# (27 plain overtone strings)

On one side the fine sounds of 27 overtone strings can be heard, on the other side (one octave lower) deep carrying bass sounds.
The octave monochord inspires by warm and finest long lasting sounds. It is especially suitable for sound journey concerts, but can also be used as a beautiful, stable standing string sound column for your sound room. Set up on end, it is ideal to be played on both sides while standing or sitting comfortably on a chair. Through the screw-on curved feet, which can also be positioned on the front sides, the monochord can also be played horizontally, for example, sitting on a meditation cushion.
The sounds of the octave monochord fill the room and form a beautiful sound carpet to listen, sing along, or to accompany the melody of another instrument.