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These drums are only made out of natural skin (animal) and wood (trees). On the back of the drum, 16 hide ropes are combined in 4 segments each. They are wrapped in leather for comfortable handling. Comes with a mallet with a red leather head filled with sheep wool.

The round drum symbolises the univers and the circle.

There are many different sweat lodges in different cultures used in different ways. Drumming, singing and contemplation add to the cleansing properties of heat and steam. The heat is created by stones heated in a fire outside the lodge until they are glowing red and carefully placed in a special hole in the lodge. There the water is poured over the stones creating humidity in the lodge. The drums that are used inside the lodge have to be built in a special way to be able to hold their tension with the moisture for the duration in the lodge.
The special way of pulling these thick hides, creates an extreme tenison which gives a rather high, strong and far reaching tone. These are different from the tones created in normal frame drums. These drums can also be played in rainy weather. Because these are natural hide drums they do vary in their tones but in a dry room they always return to their original state. The extra thick calf skins are traditionally being split to be used as drum skin. After splitting you get the outer skin "scar skin" which is very smooth and the more rough textured inner skin, the "split skin". The thickness can be defined very exactly. Only high quality "scar skin" in differnet thicknesses are used.
Calfskin, beech frame, incl. Beater