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12" / 30cm Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl E | 432Hz

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The white frosted crystal singing bowl made of high-purity quartz creates a very harmonious aura with its sound and design. Its long-lasting, spherical sound spreads out when the singing bowl is gently struck or rubbed, so that the energy can be felt throughout the entire environment.

All crystal singing bowls are supplied with a silicone ring to prevent damage and ensure the best sound resonance.

Crystal singing bowls can be used in a variety of ways: to treat chakras, for meditation, for sound therapy, for yoga, to improve fengshui at home, to regulate emotional state or even for room decoration.

This singing bowl has a size of 12" / 30cm and vibrates in the tone E with 432 Hz. The corresponding navel chakra is said to promote peace, inner harmony and serenity.

Special features of the navel / solar plexus chakra crystal singing bowl - Tuning: E4

  • Made from high-purity quartz
  • White frosted
  • Extremely long-lasting sound
  • 432 Hz

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Solar Plexus Chakra
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