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With this tool, we are raising the bar significantly. Working closely with the world's leading artists, we have once again revolutionized the chromatic harmonica and redefined it for the 21st century. ACE stands for Acoustic Coupling Elements, removable inserts with which you can individually adjust the tone and weight distribution of the ACE 48. In addition, the new VarioSpring system allows the spring strength of the slide to be individually adjusted - two features that are only available from HOHNER. Thanks to the completely new, ergonomic lid and mouthpiece design, the ACE 48 is also extremely comfortable to play. In addition to the supplied brass elements, elements made of pear wood are also available. With the ACE 48 we are once again setting new standards for chromatic harmonicas.


Acoustic Coupling Elements: 6, brass

Reed plates: brass, 1.2 mm.

Reed Plates Finish: Brass

Reeds: 48, brass

Comb body: ABS, black

Comb surface: ABS

Mouthpiece surface: brass palladium rhodium plated

Lid surface: stainless steel

Slider Arrangement: Zigzag

Key: C

Type: chromatic

Mood: solo

Number of holes: 12

Pitch range: 3 octaves, C4 – D7

Length: 16.1 cm