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Product information "Allton Therapy Monochord "Profession", spruce top".

This monochord (model A) is available in three different tunings.
Please select one of these tunings when ordering

The tactile, sensory perception instrument is handy and ergonomic. It is gladly used for example: sound therapy, sound yoga, sound mediation, hypnosis as well as sound massages. in clinics, practices, kindergartens, retirement homes and snouzel rooms.

All monochords are identical as follows

  • The monochord is oiled/waxed
  • 19 strings (15 overtone strings, 4 bass strings)
  • dimensions: 65 x 21 x 9 cm
  • Body: beech with recessed grip
  • Solid top with rosette (flower of life)
  • Including tuning key, instruction manual, transport box

Special advantages/strengths of all monochords

  • Solid spruce top makes the sound of this monochord brilliant
  • Tuning stable even with temperature fluctuations
  • Can also be used as a musical instrument during sound tours and concerts

With a handy small size, the ALLTON monochord has an amazingly good sound. The bottom is flat and nicely rounded at the edges. The monochord can be placed on legs, stomach or back, or held in the arm. The gripping recesses on the sides ensure good handling. This new model A is slimmer and longer than the previous versions, which makes the sound even fuller. The harmonious sounding quint-quart and octave intervals have a very pleasant effect on most people. Invigorating and relaxing at the same time.
It can be played by regularly stroking the strings with the fingertips or by rhythmically plucking the notes.

Placed on the body, you can feel the harmony or individual tones as a gentle vibration. The underside is flat and nicely rounded at the edges. Despite the short length of the strings, the wound guitar strings allow for a rich, deep sound that promotes sensory perception when played on the body. When playing, the whole instrument comes into vibration and transmits it to the body. This activates the body cells (vibroacoustics / basal stimulation). The ALLTON monochord can be used while sitting or lying down.

Fine sounds for meditation and accompaniment with voice. Ten overtone strings and eight bass strings tuned to d. (lower tunable to c# or c)
Sound tapestry of fundamental, fifth, octave. Harmonious and invigorating tapestry of sound. Standard tuning tambura tone sequence a-d'-d'-d (or slightly lower tunable to g#-c#'-c#'-c# or g-c'-c'-c).
Tone blocks can be played individually, or in tone sequence from low to high or from high to low (invigorating or relaxing). Also very nice for playing in pairs because of this. Standard tuning 7 bass strings d, 7 strings a, 7 overtone strings d'. The notes can be tuned one semitone or whole tone lower.

All strings on the same note d and with cut bass bronze strings can be ordered in different fundamental tones. Our standard model can be tuned to c, c sharp or d
TAMBURA TUNING Sound example
Tambura tone sequence: a-d'-d'-d is set several times in a row. Various thick strings, which in addition to the lowest fundamental sound the harmonious higher notes in the fifth and octave, conjure up a carpet of sound rich in overtones when played. This has either a relaxing or invigorating effect, depending on the basic mood. Depending on preference, the strings can be tuned up to one tone lower.
Three-tone sequence: 7 x c, 7x g, 7x c. The pitches arranged in the block offer many variations when playing. They are also very nice to play in pairs. The strings can be tuned up to one tone higher, depending on your preferences.