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These antique Tibetan singing bowls we selected 20-30 years ago at the source in the Himalayas. All are hand forged and of the highest quality, with wonderful resonant and healing tones and multiple overtones. When we collected them they were at least 50 years old, they are incredibly rare. Each of these rare and beautiful antique bowls is special.

They are Jambati singing bowls, these are among the largest and heaviest in the singing bowl family and arguably the most beautiful. These stunning singing bowls are characterized by fairly tall and gracefully curved walls, a small flat bottom, and typically a generous triangular inward-facing lip that can be smooth or grooved. Decoration is minimal and usually limited to a few simple incised lines forming a band or collar near the outer rim.

Diameter: 27 cm

The bowl comes with cushion and clapper, but not with the antique stringing from the photo.