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With the new SMART series, SONOR is setting innovative standards in sound, functionality and design. Everyday life with Orff instruments is made noticeably easier by the fact that a solution for storing additional sound bars and mallets is already integrated into the instruments, the sound plate attachment has been designed to be unbreakable and the instruments can be easily transported, stacked and stored in a space-saving manner after the lesson can become. At the same time, the compact stick games of the SMART series offer optimum playing comfort thanks to an integrated option for increasing the level. Above all, there is an inspiring sound experience through precisely tuned sound bars in proven SONOR quality and scientifically optimized resonance chambers.


16 sound bars

c1-a2 C major scale with f#1, bb1 and f#2

Palisono bars 30 x 15 mm

Pitch a' = 440 Hz

including 1 pair of beater

Length (cm): 72.5

Width (cm): 43.5

Height (cm): 20.5