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Babel Drum Small

Fastening: Floor fixation
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Delivery time: 20 - 30 daysBabel Drum is our absolute best-selling instrument due to the fantastically pleasant tones inspired by the traditional steel pan. Babel Drum is played with the hands and fingers, producing beautiful, soft tones. Babel Drum can produce different sounds depending on how you play the drum. Some prefer to play with the fingertips, others with the thumbs and still others with the whole palm of the hand.

Babel Drum is available in two sizes, both of which are attached to a stylish stainless steel stand. The drum has a hole on the underside so that dirt and water can run out unhindered.
Babel Drum Large:

G major pentatonic - G3-B4

Weight - 17 kg
Width - 51 cm
Height - 108 cm

Babel Drum Small:
C major pentatonic - C4-C5

Weight - 13 kg
Width - 40 cm
Height - 82 cm

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