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The tuning of these 16 keys "bala bambara" balafons is based on the C major pentatonic scale (C - D - E - G - A). These 16-note pentatonic-tuned balafons are intended for balafonists who appreciate the sonic performance of a high-quality, perfectly tuned instrument.

The balafon comes from Burkina Faso. They are designed by craftsmen who have passed the ancestral know-how from father to son. The tonewood of this balafon is carved from the wood of trees that have died of old age, of which only the heartwood ("heartwood") remains. They are then fired to remove any liquid or bacteriological substances, which gives them beautiful and lasting sounds.

Height: 16 to 18 cm and 23 to 25 cm

Length: 99 to 101 cm

Length of the smallest note: 27 to 29 cm

Length of the largest note: 49 to 51 cm

Weight: 7 to 8 kg