Energy Chime - Blume des Lebens - 430.54 Hz |

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The Flower of Life tuning represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry. The collaboration of numbers, shapes, and vibration belongs to the oldest myths of mankind. It is the strive to connect with our origin and to understand oneself. The frequencies of the Flower of Life Collection is one step on the journey to this goal. The specially designed Energy Chime is a highly vibrating signal tone in the Flower of Life tuning.

Handcrafted masterpiece
Silver anodized aluminum alloy
Exact fine tuning
Includes wooden beater
Hot-branded logo and tuning info
Made in Thailand
2048 Hz / C7, A4/a' 440 Hz = 430.54 Hz

Material: Silver Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Tuning: 2048 Hz / C7
Includes: Wooden beater