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Earth tone flute C

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Earth tone flute C minor- 432 Hz tuning

These earth tone flutes are unique because they are tuned to 432 Hz, not the traditional 440 Hz. When you compare them, the difference is almost unrecognizable to the ear, but quite noticeable to the senses. Although it has not yet been proven, many music therapists agree that instruments tuned to 432 Hz have a cheerful, soothing effect on the mind.

This earth tone flute is tuned to C. It is made from native walnut wood in America, a hardwood that has been treated with natural oil to guarantee tone color and stability. Another advantage of the hardwood is that the flute is ideal for traveling and playing outdoors.

It is decorated with a geometric pattern representing the 432 Hz, a moonstone in the middle and the fetish symbolizes the wheel of life.

This is a 6 hole flute, but we connect the 3 hole with a sliding leather strap, so you have the possibility to play this flute as a 5 hole as well as a 6 hole.

Due to its pitch, this flute can also be played in the major diatonic pitch of Eb/D#.

The flute measures 69 cm and is suitable for medium to large hands.

Wood: Walnut

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