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Heola: A unique musical experience and 100% made in France. The fibers of the beech tree vibrate in the heart of the HEOLA chimes.

Whether Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune..., the HEOLA chimes sing the melody of the near or distant universe.

Each Heola wind chime is made by hand and is unique. Created from the perfect craftsmanship of wood and metal, it is a musical instrument in its own right.

The cylinder, the result of fine carpentry, plays the role of the resonator. Beech wood was chosen for the warmth of the sound and the precision of the tones it produces.
8 steel bars are joined together by silver soldering and then finely tuned. The tones obtained and the richness of their overtones create a sound environment full of emotion.

The following tunings are available:

  • Venus - G A B D 432Hz
  • Saturn - E A B C 432Hz
  • Neptune - E F G C 432Hz
  • Mercury - F G A D 432Hz
  • Jupiter - G B C D 432Hz
  • Ceres - E G B D 432Hz
  • Eros - E G C D 432Hz
  • Moon - D Akebono 432Hz
  • Mars - D F A C 432Hz
  • Sun - E Major 432Hz
  • Earth - F minor 432Hz

Dimensions: 16.5 cm in height - 6.3 cm in diameter
Entirely made in the Vendée - France - using materials from local suppliers. Traced and controlled wood from European forests.

  • Keep away from moisture - cannot be left outdoors.
  • Preserve the wooden cane with natural oil.
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Isabelle Schumacher

Wunderbarer, beruhigender Klang.
Sorgfältige Verarbeitung.