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The Meinl Sonic Energy Chakra Gongs are handmade masterpieces from Germany. Each chakra gong is tuned to a specific frequency (based on Hans Cousto's calculations of "The Cosmic Octave") that helps to activate the respective chakra. The elaborate hammering provides visual stimulation and creates the undeniable sound character necessary to awaken your senses. Finally, a special sandblasting technique is used to fuse the chakra symbol into the center of each gong.

Heart Chakra:
The fourth chakra (Anahata) is in the center of the chest at the level of the heart. When balanced, this chakra promotes self-confidence, insight, and clarity.

Handcrafted masterpiece made in Germany
Deep, warm sound characteristic
Sandblasted chakra symbol
4th chakra: Heart chakra (Anahata)
Matching mantra: Yam
Tuning: 136.10 Hz / C2#
Diameter: 36" / 90 cm
Including: Cover and gloves

Materials: Nickelsilver
Includes: Cover and gloves
Diameter Inch: 36