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Kalimba B11 Melody Electro

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Kalimbas are reed instruments that originated in southern Africa and can be found there in countless shapes and designs. The Kalimba B11 'Melody' is carefully handcrafted from solid American cherry (black cherry). The surfaces are treated with vegetable oils and waxes and polished. The 11 reeds are precisely tuned in the G major scale, allowing a variety of well-known songs to be played. However, the "Melody" is just as suitable for improvisation and intuitive playing.

For technical and tonal reasons, long and short reeds are arranged alternately. The six shorter reeds have been bent so that their ends are at a higher level than those of the long reeds so that they can be easily reached by the thumbs. When playing the notes from low to high, the five long reeds are first plucked alternately with both thumbs from the center outwards - the right thumb starts on reed no. 6 - then the six short reeds, also from the center outwards. The left thumb starts on reed 5.

The Kalimba B11 electric model is equipped with a piezo pickup and a 6.35 mm jack socket. This makes it possible to pick up sound directly from the instrument without an additional microphone.

Factory tuning: G major ( G - A - E - D - C - G - D - G - F# - B - A )
Dimensions: 140 x 105 x 35 mm
Weight: 246 g

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