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The sound cradle swing seat offers all ages the opportunity to experience a soothing sound massage while sitting. It is built in such a way that you can sit inside the resonance body and feel the pleasant string sounds throughout your body. The seat is comfortably playable for the therapist and offers the possibility, with little space requirement and also in a short time unit, to enable a person to have a pleasant physical experience and / or relaxation that allows them to relax. The only very slight swing back and forth that occurs naturally while playing, supports the relaxation effect.

The sound cradle swing seat consists of a sound cradle 150cm, which is attached upright to the swing frame with 4 Allen screws. Particularly interesting for music and sound therapists: This also makes it possible to remove the sound cradle from the seat in a few simple steps and use it as a sound cradle while lying down.

Delivery including seat cushion, operating and tuning instructions, 4 spare strings and tuning key.

ALLTON - sound cradle swing seat 150 cm, 2 x 18 strings tuned to A and E, lacquered beech. Dimensions: height: 160 x width. 75 x depth: 78cm