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30 cm tank drums sound binaural, have a convenient size meaning that they are not too heavy to be taken outdoors. Double-side models are more versatile in terms of music making and have a peculiar effect of circulating sound produced due to several tongues tuned in unison on both sides.

This tank drum is not just a musical instrument - this is a personal device for relaxing, meditation, and intuitive musical education.

The drums are made of high-carbon steel, they have original design and perfect tuning.

  • Material: High-carbon steel
  • 2-sided model: 20 tongues - 20 notes (tones)
  • Scale - Top: E-Hijaz E E G A A# C# d e f g a
  • Scale - Bottom: B-Minor Astral B C# D E F# a b c# d e
  • Diameter - 30 cm (12")
  • A pair of mallets is included
  • A bag is included