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The Ko-ta-mo is a mixture of three different instruments: Koto, Tanbura and Monochord. The monochord goes back to Pythagoras and is therefore of European origin, the tambura is an Indian accompanying instrument and the koto is a Japanese melody instrument. So it is a real multi-culti instrument, an innovative new instrument which combines 3 cultures.

The way of playing is relatively simple. From the very first moment, very beautiful sounds can be coaxed out of the instrument.

Of course, the Kotamo can also be combined with classical instruments such as guitar or violin, often creating completely new sound spaces and ideas.

The three instruments can be played excellently at the same time. On the tambura and the monochord you can play the keynote with the left hand and in parallel play melodies on the koto with the right hand. If you tune the Koto in such a way that all tones match the keynote, you can improvise completely freely and without thinking.

Scope of delivery:

  • Tuning key
  • One pair of feet high or low
  • Spare strings
  • Plectrum
  • Tuning suggestions
  • Top and back: solid spruce · Alder frame

The Kotamo comes standard in three different tunings:

Length Width Height Tuning Number of strings

106 cm x 24 cm x 10 cm - D 48 strings

126 cm x 24 cm x 10 cm - C 48 strings

155 cm x 24 cm x 10 cm - A 43 strings

there is also a wider version, if you are interested in these, please contact us.

stand for vertical placement, available separately - here

or extra high stand for sitting on a chair - here

Stand for horizontal placement either high or low is included.