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Jew's harp Alpha with wooden box

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This high-quality jew's harp can be described as a concert harp. It has an incredible volume and a bright, penetrating and dense sound. The sound of this jew's harp is incredibly bright, loud and full, requiring clear articulation. The base of the alpha sound is in the mid-frequency with a slight bass dominance. The tone is deep, saturated and without excessive sharpness. A wide frequency spectrum allows the sound to break through the noise, which is always heard against the background of other instruments. Fast dynamics combined with long damping allow you to play this instrument at any speed. Alpha quality jew's harp performs perfectly at different speeds, volumes and in all conditions.

In addition, the harp has an excellent appearance and is easy to handle at any desired level of difficulty. Thanks to its format, you can take it with you wherever you go. At the same time, the reduction in size does not affect the level and sound quality of the instrument. Alpha is very sensitive, which is made much easier by the extremely small gaps between the reed and frame.

Special attention should be paid to the material of this jew's harp - the base is made of stainless steel. With the help of this jew's harp, you can travel safely without having to worry about its appearance, as the reed of the instrument must be treated with high-quality care in order to maintain its performance. The reed must be cleaned of moisture after each use.

- The spectrum of Alpha is shifted towards higher overtones. The sound is symmetrical in both directions.
- The high-quality jew's harp is ideal for fast and ultra-fast playing styles. The optimal way to play is to blow with any intensity in one direction.
- Compact, obedient, sensitive and loud at the same time, Alpha will be your reliable and faithful companion wherever you go.
- Exclusive design and appearance: The shape of the housing is ideal for a full and rich sound.

Weight: 32 g

Dimensions: 100 x 30 × 4 mm

Gaps: 10-80 µm

Fundamental frequency: 75-85 Hz

Reed hardness: 100-130 gf

Frame hardness: 200-400 gf

Reed size: 75 × 25-30 mm

Made in Russia

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