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Let us introduce the best harp! This is an easy-to-use universal harp with a velvety crackling sound and rich overtones throughout the spectrum. A dense bright sound of this harp will please not only beginners, but also true connoisseurs of jew’s harps art. Arrow has high sensitivity, volume and responds equally well to any playing technique. This is a loud instrument with a rich maximum sound combining both harmonic overtones and extraneous sounds.

The sensitivity and ease of handling make the range of this harp for overtones one of the most popular and demanded instruments. Manufactured with technical accuracy according to modern standards, Arrow has a rich colorful timbre.

  • Good stability: there are no breakdowns and stumbles during the play.
  • Superbly balanced mid-range versatile in scope harp.
  • Intense bright sound, harmonious combination of overtones, long attenuation, symmetrical sound in both directions.

All in all, jew’s harp Arrow is a universal harp with bright, powerful and incredibly loud sound. The saturation of the sound stream is compensated by extremely high sensitivity, since the instrument responds to the slightest movement. The harp has a pleasant laconic form along with a soft pleasant vibration of the case. In general, this harp is a very good choice for a player of any level.

Weight: 35 g

Dimensions: 100 × 30 × 4 mm

Gaps: 10-80 µm

Base frequency: 70-75 Hz

Reed hardness: 90-130 gf

Frame hardness: 200-300 gf

Made in Russia