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This wonderfull Jiew's Harp pleases with its vibrations and a sense of power spreading throughout the body. The sound of the instrument is dense, saturated with medium and high overtones. Uranus is distinguished by an even, rather restrained and serious sound with a relatively low fundamental frequency. The instrument is equipped with a hard and heavy tongue, which is convenient to play in any direction with maximum control. High sensitivity of it is achieved due to extremely small, almost imperceptible gaps. You get a balanced and confidently calm harmony.

Main features of Uranus
- It is balanced and its volume is easily adjustable
- The drymba is suitable for both measured and high-speed style
- Pleasantly weighty resilient and supple tongue
- Excellent low-mid-frequency harp of excellent quality
- It sounds voluminously mesmerizing and is beautiful and original

Weight: 50 g

Dimensions: 113 × 52 × 4 mm

Gaps: 10-80 µm

Base frequency: 60-70 Hz

Reed hardness: 170-190 gf

Frame hardness: 200-250 gf

Reed size: 75×15-18 mm