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High quality stand-up harmonium for regular use - full range, soft sound and extra long sustain. Perfect for accompanying mantra singing, chanting, yoga and relaxation.

Delhi style construction with simple bar keys and pine wood case. Without potentially interference-prone octave coupling and superfluous lid - thus relatively light, robust and easily transportable. The wood is only slightly dyed and thus retains a natural appearance with individual grain. Sound, feel and appearance convey lightness and joy. Well suited for beginners - but also suitable for professionals.

The Bhava Studio Standard Edition is characterized by the following features
* evenly grown and well-seasoned wood
* cleanly sprayed and particularly durable varnish
* satin finish
* stainless screws and specially manufactured fittings
* extra soft bellows springs for long sustain and soft decay
* high-quality reeds for easy response and harmonious sound
* tasteful, noble design
* flawless exterior without scratches, dents and stains

sound example Bhava Studio Standard Edition
- full range with both stops with closed top (Jali)
- three-note chords in middle register with cover plate (Jali)
- full range with both registers with open cover plate (Jali)


  • 42 single bar keys
  • range of three and a half octaves from c to f
  • Punjabi style classic reeds
  • 2 horizontal sets of reeds in middle (Male) and low (Bass) registers
  • 5 slides for stops (male, bass, tremolo, male)
  • 4 slides for drones (C, D, G, A)
  • side opening bellows with multiple folds
  • removable top plate with sliding opening (Jali)
  • chromed solid metal fittings
  • padded carrying case included
  • case and interior construction made of selected Himalayan pine (Pinus wallichiana)
  • color: natural

Dimensions: Height 28 cm, width 61 cm, depth 33 cm, weight: approx. 8.9 kg (without bag)
Each instrument is a handmade unique piece, which can individually deviate from the information given here.

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