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Our small-scale Rainbow Metallophone is a pentatonically tuned instrument and a great way to foster musical development in young children.

Perfect for nursery schools, pre-schools, and kindergartens, this bright and inviting metallophone is easy to securely fix in the ground, a wall, fence or post and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Rainbow metallophone can be purchased on its own or with rainbow bongos and chimes to make a colourfuensemble.

Ideal for improving hand to eye coordination, rhythm, and fine motor skills, this small and compact instrument will give children an opportunity to improvise and compose their own melodies while exploring and experimenting with sounds and pitch (high vs. low sounds, loud vs. soft, fast vs. slow) and other musical contrasts.

Product Highlights

  • Learn Fine Motor Skills by striking the bars with the mallets
  • Colorful design, easy fixing, and great sound
  • Improve Hand to Eye Coordination
  • Suitable for ADA Accessible Projects/Parks
  • Suitable for Inclusive Playgrounds
  • Pentatonic (C5-C6)