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A integral is an enigmatic scale that has both, major and minor chords. RAV Vast A Integral refers to Native American culture and sounds like a lonely horseman crossing a deserted prairie.

Compines well with G Paygmy, D Celtic Minor and E low Pygmy

Model: RAV Vast
Scale: A Integral 432 Hz
Notes: A2 C3 E3 F3 G3 A3 B3 C4 E4
Material: 1.5 mm steel
Diameter: 51 cm
Height: 17 cm
Weight: 4.9 kg

It’s a great scale for pros as it is challenging as soon as changing the root note provides an opportunity to choose between major and minor key. 6 out of 9 notes of the A Integral are tuned in 3rd octave, while the Ding is tuned in A2 and 2 upper notes tuned in 4th octave.

The experienced drummers and handpan players will love this scale for its relaxing sound. It’s a godsend for those who are looking for an accompaniment for meditation sessions. This drum is perfect for sound-healing, music therapy and yoga due to its deep enigmatic sound and incredibly long sustain which is longer than in the other RAV Vasts.

It matches well the D Major, C Golden Gate, D Celtic Minor RAV Vasts. If you want to immerse the listeners in a really deep sound, play in duet with the E Low Pygmy.