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The Sansula - a patented invention from HOKEMA - is a new development of the Kalimba (also called Sansa or Mbira), which has its origins in southern Africa. Kalimbas are sound tongue instruments that are plucked with the thumb or fingers. In Africa they are found in countless shapes and designs in which the vibration of the tongue is amplified in various ways (e.g. on a resonance box, a hollow body like a calabash gourd or just a piece of solid wood). With the Sansula, the vibration of the tongue is first 'stored' in a wooden block, which then transmits it to a sound membrane. In this way, the sound can be heard much longer than with other methods of sound amplification. Supported by the mood - octaves are close together - a wonderful, soft, overtone-rich sound is created that can be elicited from the instrument with ease.

Factory tuning: G major (G - A - E - D - C - G - D - G - F # - B - A)

Membrane material: cellulose

Dimensions: 215 x 165 x 73 mm

Weight: 460 g