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A revolutionary concept for a unique, beautifully smooth sound: The Special 20 is the world's first diatonic harmonica with reed plates embedded in the comb. This creates a raised mouthpiece that promises unprecedented playing comfort and makes the Special 20 one of the most copied harmonica designs in the world. Their signature sound is perfect for everything from folk and country to rock and pop. The Special 20 offers everything a professional harp player needs, but is also an ideal entry-level instrument thanks to its suppleness and relatively low price.

If you are looking for a harp that is not only suitable for the beginning, but will also remain a loyal companion in the future, the Special 20 is the right choice.


Reed plates: brass, 0.9 mm

Reed Plates Finish: Brass

Reeds: 20, brass Comb

body: ABS, black Comb

surface: ABS

Mouthpiece finish: ABS

Lid surface: stainless steel

Type: diatonic

Number of holes: 10 Pitch

range: 3 octaves Length: 4"