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The Spirit Flute Contra Bass in the key of 'A' minor is handcrafted in southern Arizona from Spanish Cedar, a sustainable, domestic softwood that give the flute warm, full musical voice that is deep and resonant. This is the lowest, deepest-toned bass flute that we make.

The tonal voice of this flute is ideal for the melodic rhythms and meditative compositions in the accompaniment of other instruments. This flute has large fingering holes and requires significant breath control so we strongly recommend to flute-players with established experience.

The Contra Bass "A" is a great accompaniment for any of our other flutes in the key of 'A' and it is an excellent choice for performance and musical recordings.

Although several other notes are available, this flute is best described as a single octave instrument. This is a 6-hole flute that is approximately 28-inches (64 cm) long.