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Sometimes it's a tune from a long-forgotten movie, other times it's a childhood song that runs through our heads - we all have certain songs that take us back in time and are etched in our memories. With the Super Chromonica we can relive those moments. It is still built almost unchanged today as it was when it was invented and, as the original chromonica, is a favorite for generations of classical players, jazz and pop musicians or folk and blues lovers.


Reedplates: Brass, 1.05mm

Reed Plates Finish: Brass

Reeds: 48, brass

Comb body: pear wood, brown

Comb surface: double lacquered

Mouthpiece surface: nickel-plated brass

Lid surface: stainless steel

Slider arrangement: straight

Type: chromatic

Mood: solo

Number of holes: 12

Pitch range: 3 octaves

Length: 15.5cm