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C Major Diatonic (C3-C4)

The design of our Tembos is based on a group of instruments called plosive aerophones.

The basic principle of making music on our Tembos is to beat or slap on one end of the tube to create a pressure wave. The length of the tube determines the length of the wave, and different wavelengths make different notes.

These stainless steel Tembos are tuned to the C-major diatonic scale.

Quirky and rather addictive, you can make some surprisingly pleasing deep sounds on the diatonic Tembos by striking the notes with the dense ‘closed-cell’ neoprene foam paddles provided.

Product Highlights

  • Diatonic Tuning - Quirky Deep Sounds
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Multi-generational Fun
  • Accessible Play Equipment
  • Inclusive Playground Product