Therapie Stimmgabel Schumann Frequenz 250.56 Hz - H3 | Dunum

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The planetary tuned therapy tuning forks from MEINL Sonic Energy are manufactured in Germany according to the calculation of Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave). Each tuning fork is precisely tuned to the frequency of the respective celestial body in order to be able to achieve a therapeutic effect. The therapy tuning forks are, in contrast to the standard tuning forks, larger and heavier. This allows them to swing longer and to have to be struck less often during treatment or in professional therapy. The therapy tuning forks are made from high quality tool steel, are nickel-plated and have a matt look.

Special features of the therapy Tuning fork

- Schumann frequency 250.56 Hz / H3

- Handcrafted masterpiece

- Made in Germany

- Ergonomically shaped cork handle

Tone: 250.56 Hz / B3 A4 / a '440 Hz + 25.3 cent

Color: yellow green

Material: high quality tool steel

Therapeutic effect:

- Creates physical well-being

- Helpful for a meditative attitude

- Helps to be relaxed in the here and now

- Helps to harmonize stress factors

- Can be used as a learning aid to promote the physical and emotional environment in children and adults - Leads to reassurance -

Helpful for fidgety, nervous children (ADD)